IISEE Alumni Website

Welcome to IISEE Alumni Website:

IISEE Alumni Website is available: (2009.01~)

The IISEE Alumni website is open now. The website is: http://iisee.kenken.go.jp/alumni/. All the IISEE alumni including participants and lecturers can access the website.

Please access the website and register your account. To verify your identification, please specify your valid information to fill out all the required fields in the registration form. For instance, the information such as E-MAIL, FULL NAME, COUNTRY, NAME OF COURSE, and YEAR OF PARTICIPATION is required. After your submission, our account administrators will approve your application as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours omitting the holidays and weekends.

When completed the registration, you are permitted to POST ARTICLE, UPLOAD PHOTO, SEND MESSAGE in the forums on the IISEE Alumni website. Please obey the common rules and manners. Wish you have happy discussions and enjoy yourself!

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