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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.19 (issued on August 20, 2007)


  1. First Certificate for Individual Course
  2. 50th Anniversary Earthquake Conference in Mongolia (Click here to look at the pictures.)


[1] First Certificate for Individual Course

The IISEE issued the first certificate for Individual Course to Dr. Elhamy Aly Abdel-Aziz Tarabees from Egypt who had participated in 2003-04 Seismology Course. He is an assistant lecturer at South Valley University in Egypt and stayed at the IISEE from May 12 to August 11, 2007 to study "Application of Correlation Method to Engineering" with Dr. Yokoi. Photos of Dr. Elhamy and his certificate will be posted on the web version of this newsletter. Please visit our back numbers page (, too.

Director, IISEE

[2] 50th Anniversary Earthquake Conference in Mongolia (Click here to look at the pictures.)

International Conference associated to the 50th Anniversary of Establishment of the Research Center of Astronomy and Geophysics, Mongolia and the 50th anniversary of the Gobi-Altai earthquake (Mw=8.1) was held in Ulaanbaator on July 24-28, 2007. I (Dr. T. Yokoi) have participated in the conference and presented the research result with Dr. S. Margaryan about two sites SPAC method. Besides, I have met six ex-participants (Seismology Course and Global Seismic Observation Course) working with RCAG. It was very impressive for me that all of them play important roles in their center and had more than one presentation in the conference. I have met also an ex-participant of Earthquake Engineering Course who is the key person of Engineering Society in Mongolia now. A surprise for me was to meet the ex-participant from Georgia (Seismology, 2005-2006) and Iran (Seismology, 1994-1995). The conference was followed by a ten days field trip to the fault of the 1957 Gobi-Alty earthquake in the Gobi Desert. Unfortunately, I could not arrange my schedule for this interesting study tour. (Click here to look at pictures.)

Toshiaki Yokoi
Chief Research Scientist, IISEE


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