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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.31 (issued on August 22, 2008)


  1. JICA Short-term expert to Fiji and Tonga


[1] JICA Short-term expert to Fiji and Tonga

Dr. Hiroshi Inoue of NIED, a Special Visiting Researcher and a former seismology staff of IISEE, was dispatched to Fiji and Tonga from August 11 to 30 as an expert of seismology in the JICA Technical Cooperation Project of Operation of Earthquake Observation Network. His mission is to give advices to MRD (Mineral Resources Department) of Fiji and MLSNR (Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources) of Tonga to strengthen the satellite telemetry seismic network of each country. The project goal is establishing robust and high-performance networks to enable both MRD and MLSNR to provide more rapid and precise earthquake information to the public. It will also contribute to tsunami warning systems in the southwestern Pacific.


Hiroshi Inoue

Special Visiting Researcher, IISEE


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