Earthquake Information

updated on June 27, 2001


  • Origin time: 2001/06/23 20:33:14 UTC
  • Location: 16.14S, 73.31W (Near Coast of Peru)
  • Depth: 33.0 km
  • Magnitude: 7.9, M=8.1 by USGS

Relocation of the June 23, 2001 southern Peru earthquake and its aftershocks

N. Hurukawa, IISEE, BRI, Japan
I relocated the mainshock and its aftershocks until June 25. Since relocated aftershocks distribute along the plane dipping northeastward (Fig. 2), the fault plane of the 2001 southern Peru earthquake (Mw 8.1) is the nodal plane that dips northeastward. Therefore, this is the interplate earthquake between the Nazca and South American plates.
Figure 1. The CMT solution by the Harvard University.
Figure 2. Relocation by the MJHD method. Epicentral distribution and two vertical cross sections along A-B (S45°W-N45°E) and C-D (S45°E-N45°W) are shown. Line C-D is approximately parallel to strikes of the nodal planes of the Harvard and USGS CMT solutions. Bars represent standard errors of hypocenters.
Figure 3. Hypocenters reported by the NEIC. All events are fixed to 33 km in depth.