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Authors: Carlos Alberto VARGAS-JIMENEZ and Alexander CANEVA
Gathered between 1970 and 2010 data on the Colombian System of Science, Technology and Innovation, administrated by COLCIENCIAS3, have been analyzed in order to identify development scenarios in the field of Earth Sciences, with particular reference to academic and scientific standards, conformation and tendencies of existing research groups, active research lines, and some characteristics of the education sector, the job market and performance, in the field of Earth Sciences in Colombia. 
One of the most relevant results is the identification of a constant strengthening of Earth Sciences field owing to the growing of the number of institutions dedicated to the creation of research groups, the rise of academic publishing, and the impact on the productive reality of Colombia.
Nevertheless, the current state of Earth Sciences in Colombia allows identifying a substantial delay. It must be resolved by institutional reinforcement of involved parts through the integration of cooperative networks, and the planning of a strategic agenda for the next years, based on the practice of technological surveillance and the strengths consolidation.
Keywords: Colombia, Earth Sciences, research, development, COLCIENCIAS.