Lecture Notes

Textbooks for the Regular Course edited by IISEE and JICA

Seismology Course

  1. "FORTRAN Programming on Peresonal Computer," H. Inoue, 1996
  2. "Mathematics I," M. Matsu'ura, 1993
  3. "Mathematics II," Y. Suzuki
  4. "The Theory of Elasticity and Its Application to Seismology," R. J. Geller, 1993
  5. "Ray Theory," T. Yamashita, 1995
  6. "Surface Waves and Scattering and Attenuation of Seismic Waves," K. Yomogida, 1993
  7. "Practical Analyses of Local Earthquakes," N. Hurukawa, 1995
  8. "Seismicity and Statistics," M. Imoto, 1995
  9. "Source Mechanism Practice," D. Suetsugu, 1995
  10. "Earthquake Source Process," M. Kikuchi, 1995
  11. "Geodetic Observations and Study of Earthquakes," Y. Fujii, 1991
  12. "Continuous Measurement of Crustal Deformation," Y. Okada, 1993
  13. "Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics," T. Seno, 1993
  14. "Simulation and Prediction of Strong Ground Motions," K. Irikura and T. Iwata, 1993

Earthquake Engineering Course

  1. "Stress Analysis," the Matrix Method," T. Minami, 1995
  2. "Structural Dynamics I," M. Watabe, Y. Ishiyama and I. Okawa, 1995
  3. "Finite Element Method in Strucutural Engineering," H. Noguchi and A. Wada, 1993
  4. "Limit Analysis," K. Ohi, 1993
  5. "Structural Testing," T. Kaminosono, T. Kashima, T. Hirade, H. Noguchi, H. Shiohara and M. Teshigawara, 1995
  6. "Ground Vibration," K. Seo, 1995
  7. "Outline of Earthquake Provisions in the Recently Revised Japanese Building Code," H. Aoyama, 1993
  8. "Reinforced Concrete Structure," S. Otani, 1993
  9. "An Example of the Structural Design of Reinforced Concrete Building by S. Nakata
  10. "Prestressed Concrete Structure," M. Nishiyama, 1993
  11. "Design of Steel Structure," A. Tanaka, 1993
  12. "Masonry Buildings," A. S. Arya, 1995
  13. "Essentials of Current Evaluation and Retrofitting for Existing and Damaged Buildings in Japan," M. Hirosawa, S. Sugano and T. Kaminosono, 1995