Overview of Earthquake and Disasters


Introductory lectures for Seismology and Tsunami Group are given by staff members of IISEE. Basic concepts and general scope of seismology, earthquake phenomena, strong motion study, seismic hazard and risk and tsunami etc. are described.






(1) Earthquakes and seismic waves (T. Hayashida)
1) Seismic wave propagation
2) Seismic wave observation
3) Strong ground motion indicators

(2) Earthquake activity (N. Hurukawa)
1) Earthquake location
2) Seismicity

(3) Earths interior (T. Hara)
1) One dimensional earth structure -from the earths surface to its center-
2) Seismic waves traveling in the earths interior
3) Plate tectonics -horizontal movements of the earths surface-
4) Determination of earth structure

(4) Earthquake generation process (B.Shibazaki)
1) What are earthquakes?
2) Forecasting earthquakes

(5) Earthquake Disaster (T.Yokoi)
1) Relation of seismology and earthquake engineering
2) Disaster management cycle and seismology
3) Generation, attenuation and amplification of strong ground motion
4) Selected topics for the training course

(6) Tsunami (Y. Fujii)
1) Tsunami generation
2) Tsunami propagation
3)Estimation of Tsunami source