SPAC2020: DOWNLOAD (Revised Apr. 10 2020)

Software for Spatial Auto Correlation (SPAC) method using ambient noise (microtremor) measured with bi-dimensionally deployed seismograph array.

Note: The author of these programs does not take any responsibility: neither for the results of analyses by using these programs nor for the cosequences of them. Any disadvantage including economic one, mental one etc. must be owed by the users themselves. Users must use these programs by the resposibility of their owns.
The author does not put any restriction on the way of usage except the prohibition of commercial one. Namely. their level of completeness is not sufficiently high for commercial use.
The author will not answer to any inquiery except those who have taken personal contact to him previously. The bug report, however, is welcome.
The programs are compiled and linked by gfortran on Ubuntu (Linux).

Make a new folder under \user_account, copy SPAC2020_Ubuntu_open4public.tar.gz in it, and decompress it there. All executable files and parameter files will be at the correct subfolders. The folder "spacwkf" is the working space where you can copy input data files and obtain output files. The way of usage is described in the pdf file stored in the subfolder "doc".



Sample data files (copy them into "./spacwkf/data/multiplexed_files/")