GESI_Program is a Microsoft Excel software with a Macro program mage by the Visual Basic. So, when you run the program, please validate the Macro program.

STEP 1 [ Building Type ]

Select the number of building types from the following chart.

STEP 2 [ Quality of Building ]

Select the score of rating concerning 1) quality of design, 2) quality of construction, and 3) quality of materials from the following chart.

STEP 3 [ Vulnerability Curve ]
Push the button gDraw GESI Vulnerability Curveh, then you will get the vulnerability curve of the building which represents the relationship between the peak ground acceleration (PGA) and damage ratio.

STEP 4 [ Input Earthquake Level ]
Type the peak ground acceleration (PGA) at the site from the range (0.0-1.4G), where G is the gravity acceleration.

STEP 5 [ Damage Ratio ]

Push the button gDraw Damage Ratioh, then you will get a graph which represents the ratio of the damage in four different levels; 1) None, slight or moderate, 2) Extensive, 3) Partial collapse, and 4) Complete collapse.