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Code Name Regulations for Earthquakes-Resistant Design of Buildings in Egypt
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Horizontal Base Shear V = CsWt
where Cs is the seismic design coefficient and Wt is the total seismic weight. A procedure for evaluating each of these quantities is given in the sections that follow.


Seismic design coefficient Cs 
The seismic design coefficient Cs shall be determined from the following formula:
Z = seismic zoning factor
I = importance factor
S = structural system type factor
M = material factor
R = risk factor
Q = construction quality factor
Cs = shall not be taken as greater than 4.8
ZIMQ, nor less than 0.02 for sites with seismic zone factors greater than zero.

Seismic zoning factor Z  
The seismic zoning factor Z is given by
A = standard value for horizontal acceleration ratio (expressed as fraction of the acceleration of gravity g) to be determined from Table 1 and the seismic zoning map shown in Fig. 1
F = foundation soil factor to be determined from Fig. 2

Importance Factor I 
Values for the importance factor I are given in Table 14.3, as functions of buildings use.

Structural system-type factor S  
Values for the structural system-type factor S must be determined separately for each direction of the building. Unless more precise values are determined, the recommended values for this factor that are given in Table 2 may be used.