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Code Name Ministry Regulation No.48. 1997. Ministry of Interior
Issued by

Revision Revised and enforced 1981
Revised and enforced 2000
Horizontal Base Shear 1) Lateral Seismic Shear Force for allowable stress design and ultimate lateral shear capacity design

Qi : Lateral Seismic Shear of i-th story

Wi : weight above i-th story

Ci : Lateral Seismic Shear Coefficient of i-th story

C0 : Standard Shear Coefficient

C0 ≥ 0.2   for allowable stress design against moderate earthquake

C0 ≥ 1.0   for ultimate lateral shear capacity design against severe earthquake

Z : Seismic Hazard Zoning Coefficient shown in Fig. 1

Rt : Design Spectral Coefficient shown in Fig. 2

T < TC Rt = 1
2TC < T    


             TC : given in Table 1

              T : fundamental natural period (sec.)

Ai : Lateral Shear Distribution Factor of i-th story

αi : αi  = Wi / W
W : weight above ground level

Tc and Soil classification (see Table 1)

Design Spectral Coefficient (see Fig. 2)

2) Lateral Seismic Shear Force for