Fig.2  Largest earthquakes on the territory of Georgia

The largest historical events were mainly connected with active faults of the Greater Caucasus (earthquake of 1742, 1350), and Javakheti plateau (earthquake of 1088, 1899). The strong event of 1283, seems to be connected with the Borjomi-Kazbegi strike-slip fault.

The large events during instrumental period are  earthquakes which happened in 1905, 1920, 1940, 1963, 1991, 1992. The Racha earthquake that occurred on April 29, 1991, is the biggest event ever recorded in Georgia.

1        Racha earthquake of 1991 (M=6.9), has damaged 46 000 dwellings and more then  1000 administrative buildings. 100 000 persons were left homeless;  it took more than 150 lives. The estimated losses were more than 10 billion SU rubles, in prices of 1991. The region still is not recovered from destruction.

25th of April 2002 at 22:41 local time  in Tbilisi, Georgia moderate earthquake occurred. The magnitude of event was 4.5, the epicenter located within the city borders. The Intensity in Tbilisi was 6-7 MSK scale. Unfortunately because of bad quality of buildings in Tbilisi, earthquake caused damage and casualties.Even, it caused human losses.