updated on January 26, 2007


Opening Ceremony of Regular Course in 2006-2007

October 5, 2006
In this year, we invite 25 participants from 18 countries and start the 47th Annual Training on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering. In addition to existing two courses, "Seismology Course" and "Earthquake Engineering Course", a new-created "Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Course" was found. This course is found to carry out a comprehensive study of tsunami mitigation for one year. We accepted a total of 5 researchers or technicians, who came from 4 countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand). All 25 participants became master course students of GRIPS.

Opening Ceremony of Global Seismological Observation Course
in 2006-2007

October 12, 2007
The 2007 Global Seismological Observation Course started to learn discrimination techniques between earthquakes and nuclear explosion.
We have been conducted this training since 1995. As of today, 106 participants from 64 countries have taken this course. This 2007 training course will be conducted for 2 months from January 12 to March 9, 2007, with 11 participants from 10 countries in cooperation with JICA and Japan Meteorological Agency.

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