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IISEE Newsletter No.78 (issued on March 22, 2012)


  1. Call for Candidates on “Honorary Scientist/Engineer” among IISEE Ex-participants
  2. The Memorial Special Issue of IISEE Bulletin (Call for Paper)
  3. One Year after the Great East Japan Earthquake
  4. New version of STERA_3D (version 5.8) is released


[1] Call for Candidates on “Honorary Scientist/Engineer” among IISEE Ex-participants

IISEE will hold an event to commemorate a half century anniversary of IISEE, and would like to provide creditable commendation to the scientist and engineers (aged 60 and over as of June, 2012) who have conducted remarkable contribution in the seismology and earthquake disaster reduction field among ex-participants of IISEE. In order to look for candidates widely, please send the activity report after training and letter of recommendation (English) to the IISEE by e-mail by April 25, 2012 regardless of self-recommendation and recommendation by others. Although there is no format, please put the name, course name, country, and e-mail address in the activity report and a letter of recommendation. IISEE will hold a commemoration international symposium in collaboration with UNESCO and GRIPS in Tokyo on June 27, 2012, and introduce such remarkable activities of ex-participants at the opportunity.

Head of Administration Division, IISEE

[2] The Memorial Special Issue of IISEE Bulletin (Call for Paper)

IISEE plans to issue the memorial special Bulletin during this year, though this was announced last year and some papers were already submitted. This time in addition to the paper and reports from all over the world which have been issued every 10 years, we would like to collect the English reports of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake (the Great East Japan Earthquake) on March 11th, 2011 as the commemoration special edition. Paper and reports are invited widely from everyone including ex-participants and lecturers of IISEE. The deadline is June 27 this year. The style and submission is the same as the information of Bulletin below. We ask your active participation. (no listing/printing fee)

Toshiaki YOKOI
Chief Research Scientist, IISEE

[3] One Year after the Great East Japan Earthquake

One year has passed since the devastated earthquake and tsunami of March 11 last year. We deeply appreciate the words of encouragement from many ex-participants of IISEE training and others all over the world. Missing persons search and processing of rubble also continues in the stricken area.

However, reconstruction budget and the recovery program were prepared at last, and a hope becomes visible to the disaster victims who live in temporary housing.
BRI officially summarized and announced the investigation activities during this one year (in Japanese) at the following sites. In addition, all proceedings of the international conference held by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), and others on March 3-4, 2012 are also released at the following site.
(BRI) (lecture note) (Japanese)

Shoichi ANDO
Director, IISEE

[4] New version of STERA_3D (version 5.8) is released

STERA_3D is a free and integrated software for seismic analysis of reinforced concrete & masonry buildings in 3-D space developed by Dr. Saito for research and educational purposes.
You can download the latest version of STERA 3D from the following URL:

Chief Research Engineer, IISEE


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