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IISEE Newsletter No.87 (issued on November 21, 2012)


  1. Special pages for the recent large earthquakes
  2. Study Trip Report of Tohoku region (by T-course)
  3. Photos of Study Trip and Reconstruction of Tohoku
  4. IISEE International Memorial Symposium (June 2012)


[1] Special pages for the recent large earthquakes

We present the special pages for the following recent large earthquakes:
- October 28 Queen Charlotte Islands Region Earthquake (Mw 7.8)
- November 7 Offshore Guatemala Earthquake (Mw 7.4)
- November 11 Myanmar Earthquake (Mw 6.8)
at The link to each page is also available in "Recent
updates" at
Please visit these pages.

Tatsuhiko HARA
Chief Research Scientist, IISEE

[2] Study Trip Report of Tohoku region (by T-course)

Participants of Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Course visited coastal areas in Tohoku region
(November 12 to 16) and participants of Seismology course and Earthquake Engineering
course visited Niigata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture (November 13 to 16) English reports
of Study Trip by participants of T-course are as follows.

Ms. SU Hninn Htwe / Myanmar
We got a lot of experience and knowledge on Tohoku District study trip. This trip will have
support to our disaster management study.

Mr. REYES GALLARDO Mauricio Esteban / Chile
This was my second visit to the damaged area of Tohoku, but it keeps being impressive, as a
mixed experience of sadness and beautiful landscapes. The disposition of our professors team
and the good coordination of Naoko san was great.

Mr. WAREK Martin Kele-eh / Papua New Guinea
A remarkable trip that brings students to students and students to lecturers’ interactions,
develops confidence and brings learning to neutral grounds, cultural participation is an
experience to linger, destruction observed is immeasurable and incomprehensible, but that
shall form the foundation of a modern resilience society.

Mr. GALDIANO Julius Mandigma / Philippines
No great disaster can ever surpass the sense of patriotism, cooperation and volunteerism
of the Japanese people. The Japan Government is set off to prepare a more livable nation
for its future generation to enjoy after the wrath of the 2011 Tsunami by the impressive
massive reconstruction projects taking place on the devastated areas.

Bunichiro Shibazaki,
Chief Research Scientist, IISEE

Yushiro Fujii
Senior Research Scientist, IISEE

[3] Photos of Study Trip and Reconstruction of Tohoku

Dr. Tsuji (Visiting Research Fellow of BRI) of former Professor of the University of Tokyo
accompanied with our study trip from Sendai to Miyako of Sanriku region. The preparation of
removal to elevated ground and reconstruction of seawall has been initiated in whole region
based on the reconstruction plans that were formed through discussion with residents. We had
chances to communicate with key persons of recovery projects with participants of IISEE
training. Please find attached photos of current situation of Tohoku as well as the study trip.

Shoichi ANDO
Director, IISEE

[4] IISEE International Memorial Symposium (June 2012)

All presentation of IISEE International Memorial Symposium on "Protecting Lives from Earthquake
and Tsunami Disasters" that was held on June 27, 2012 are available at the IISEE web-site.
The key-note presentation by Dr. Oike (ex-rector, Kyoto Univ.) and presentations of all UNESCO
IPRED participants can be seen. (presentation data)

Hajime Kurosawa
Head of Administration Division, IISEE


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