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IISEE Newsletter No.90 (issued on February 07, 2013)


  1. Special page on the Solomon Islands Earthquake of Feb. 6, 2013
  2. Information from an ex-participant


[1] Special page on the Solomon Islands Earthquake of Feb. 6, 2013

We present the special page of  Solomon Islands Earthquake of February 6, 2013, where the following information is available:
1) Tsunami Simulation by Dr. Fujii
2) Determination of earthquake magnitudes using duration of high-frequency energy radiation and maximum displacement amplitudes: application to the February 6, Santa Cruz Islands earthquake by Dr. Hara
Please visit
We'd like to ask you, especially ex-participants in Southern Pacific Region, to send us information on this disastrous earthquake to share it.

Shoichi ANDO
Director, IISEE

[2] Information from an ex-participant

It has been informed us that an ex-participant has published a book related to seismology and Earthquake engineering. We are very glad to know his activity and expect to get more information about the activities of the ex-participants.
"Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings" by Mr. Khan Shahzada, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Muhammad Javed ($104.00, April 2012) 

Mr. Khan Shahzada (Pakistan, 2006-07 E-course)



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