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IISEE Newsletter No.95 (issued on April 05, 2013)


  1. From New Director of IISEE
  2. Introduction of Personnel Changes


[1] From New Director of IISEE

I, Dr. Toshiaki Yokoi, am the successor of Dr. Shoichi Ando who was transferred to GRIPS
after two years and eight months as the director of IISEE. Now he is a professor of GRIPS.
I came to IISEE in 1996 and have worked mainly for Seismology Course, as a lecturer and
the course leader. I share nice memories also with Earthquake Engineering course,Tsunami
Course and Global Seismological Observation Course participants.
It is great pleasure for me working for IISEE and the ex-participants in a way different from
I have taken.
Please feel free to contact to IISEE and the staff including me,anytime via e-mail and also
visit to Tsukuba city when you have a chance to drop in Japan.

Toshiaki YOKOI
Director, IISEE,

[2] Introduction of Personnel Changes

April 1, 2013, we welcomed the following new comers to IISEE.

Dr. Nobuo Hurukawa       Senior Fellow
Dr. Takumi Hayashida     Research Scientist
Dr. Masanori Tani            Research Engineer
Ms. Yoriko Iiba                 Head, Administration Division
Ms. Kayoko Orihara        Chief of Training and General Affairs, Administration Division

Yoriko IIBA
Head of Administration Division, IISEE


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