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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.37 (issued on February 20, 2009)


  1. Training workshop for tsunami modelling in Singapore
  2. Thank you for registering with Alumni Website
  3. International Friendship Party was held


[1] Training workshop for tsunami modelling in Singapore

The training workshop for tsunami modelling was held from Jan. 12 to 16,
2009 in Singapore, which was conducted under the "Project to Develop Tsunami
Propagation and Run-up/Inundation Modelling Capability for ASEAN Member
Countries", funded by the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN
General Exchange Fund (JAGEF), and coordinated by Meteorological Service
Division (MSD), National Environment Agency of Singapore.
I (Y. Fujii) was invited to this workshop as an expert from Japan and gave
lectures and hands-on practices related to tsunami modeling using TTT
Software Package Version 2.1 provided by UNESCO/IOC ITIC and TUNAMI codes
developed by DCRC, Tohoku Univ., Japan. There were 23 participants from 10
ASEAN countries (2 or 3 from each country). It was a great pleasure for me
to find that two of them are ex-participants of the IISEE's annual training
I hope this workshop could be a good start of tsunami modelling for all
participants. We are looking forward to their or their colleagues’
participation in our training courses at IISEE.

Yushiro FUJII
Research Scientist, IISEE

[2] Thank you for registering with Alumni Website

Alumni website opened on January 20 and it is our great pleasure to inform
you that we have as many as 121 members as of February 16.
If you have not registered yet please access the website
Your posts such as sending messages, uploading photos, asking technical
questions will be welcomed.
And please introduce your good old memories and interesting episodes of
IISEE training courses or your lives in Japan.
Moreover, we would like to know your activities back in your home countries.

Chief Research Scientist, IISEE
Administrator of Alumni Website

[3] International Friendship Party was held

International Friendship Party was held at the exhibition hall of BRI on
February 10, 2009. All 32 participants including regular course and global
course, Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and some lecturers of BRI,
IISEE staffs and some JICA staffs joined this party and deepened friendship.
Each course and some volunteer groups of participants prepared some songs
and dance. They performed so well, that the party was warmed up very much.

Head of Administration Division, IISEE


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