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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.38 (issued on March 19, 2009)


  1. IISEE-UNESCO Lecture Notes Archive is opened
  2. The 14th Global Seismological Observation Course has finished!
  3. Proposed new training courses not approved


[1] IISEE-UNESCO Lecture Notes Archive is opened

The IISEE-UNESCO Lecture Notes Project for training will post the training
materials used in the IISEE training courses on the IISEE website
( in cooperation with UNESCO and JICA. It
ultimately aims to help mitigate earthquake disasters in developing
countries by disseminating information on the IISEE training courses and
making the lecture contents available. We welcome translation to your native
languages in order to disseminate our materials to local people in your
countries. Therefore, if you wish to do so, please contact us.
Until now, the following lecture notes are posted:

Computer I,
Computer II,
Mathematics for Seismology III,
Practice on Theory of Seismic Waves,
Local Earthquake Analysis,
Finite Element Method: (A) Introduction,
Structural Dynamics: (A) Introduction and Vibration Analysis,
Structural Dynamics: (B) Spectral Analysis
Dam Structures,
Strong Earthquake Motion Observation I, II,
Theory of Tsunami Propagation and Inundation Simulation,
Determination of Broadband Moment Magnitude,
Introduction of Tsunami Disaster Mitigation,
Tsunami Damage Survey.

Chief Research Scientist, IISEE

[2] The 14th Global Seismological Observation Course has finished!

The 14th Training Course on Global Seismological Observation was held from
January 8 to March 6, 2009. The ten participants studied about the CTBT
regime and the role of seismology in International Monitoring System. They
also learned skills to design a seismic network and data analysis techniques
to discriminate nuclear tests from natural earthquakes. All of the
participants successfully completed the training course. We owe this success
to the guest lecturers and those who gave us valuable advice at the sites
that we visited. We are very grateful to them all. This training course is
going to be held continuously for 2009-2011 of Japanese fiscal years.

Tatsuhiko HARA
Chief Research Scientist, IISEE

[3] Proposed new training courses not approved

It is regrettable to announce you that new training courses will not start.
Although we had proposed to JICA and announced you the proposal of 2 new
International Training Courses; "Earthquake Disaster Mitigation (Doctor
Degree Program)" and "Technology and Policy for Earthquake and Tsunami
Disaster Management", on IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.30 (July, 2008), they were not
approved by JICA.

Director, IISEE


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