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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.47 (issued on November 20, 2009)


  1. 2009-10 regular course study trip to Kansai
  2. Dr. Mukai got married


[1] 2009-10 regular course study trip to Kansai

We conducted Kansai study trip on regular course from 9th to 13th November.
The principal places to visit were as follows.
S course: Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park, Osaka Museum of Natural
History, and Uemachi Fault, E course: Korien St.-East Area, Urban
redevelopment Area No.3 and Daiwa House Industry Center Research Laboratory
and its Nara Factory, T course: Numazu Port Floodgate "View-O" and
Shizuura costal protection facilities
T course also visited Hirokawa town to listen to the story of "Inamura no
hi", on the other hand S and E courses observed some historical
constructions on Doshisha University together. Furthermore all participants
visited together Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Nojima Fault Preservation Museum,
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution that keeps a great deal
of data and records on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and Kobe National
Government Building for Disaster Office which was built adopting an
earthquake-resistant structure.
We think the participants had a lot of precious experiences related to the
daily study on IISEE. We hope they will apply what they have learned during
this study trip to the future.

Head of Administration Division, IISEE

[2] Dr. Mukai got married

02Dr. Mukai married with Megumi-san on November 15. The wedding ceremony was
held at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu. Some staff members
of Building Research Institute (BRI) including the director of IISEE, Dr.
Hurukawa, joined the ceremony. Dr. Mukai says that our family, the many
people including friends and men of experience in research works bless us,
and we wish to express our gratitude for this happy time. Hereafter, I would
like to make an effort to become family-oriented man.

Tomohisa MUKAI
Senior Research Engineer, IISEE


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