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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO. 50 (issued on February 10, 2010)


  1. Candidate countries for next annual courses have almost decided
  2. The IPRED Portal site were enhanced


[1] Candidate countries for next annual courses have almost decided

Candidate countries for next annual (regular) courses, which will start
this October, have almost decided.
Specific names of the candidate countries are as follows:

Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Course
  Indonesia, Malaysia*, Philippines*, Thailand, China*, El Salvador,
  Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru*, Iran*, Turkey*, South Africa
Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Course
  Indonesia, Malaysia*, Peru*
  (*The number of participants from these countries will be 2)

We are looking forward to receiving many applications from these
countries and your institutions.
Therefore, you are kindly requested to disseminate this information to your
Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance.

Head of Administration Division, IISEE

[2] The IPRED Portal site were enhanced

As the COE of the IPRED (International Platform for Reducing Earthquake
Disasters), we, IISEE, sincerely inform you that the contents of the IPRED
Portal site ( under the IISEE website
were enhanced in order to promote and inform IPRED activities.
The contents which were newly loaded as "IPRED activities" are as follows.
1. The IPRED member countries / Organizations / Relating JICA projects.
2. The articles related to the IPRED published by UNESCO.
3. The link of Information related to IPRED activities.
Please visit this site and click the new item "IPRED activities".
It would be also greatly appreciated if the opinion of this site could be
gotten. We will gradually achieve enhancement of this site.

Chief Research Engineer, IISEE


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