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IISEE NEWSLETTER NO.51 (issued on March 01, 2010)


  1. Special page on the Chile Earthquake of Feb 27, 2010


[1] Special page on the Chile Earthquake of Feb 27, 2010

We present the special page of the Chile Earthquake of February 27, 2010,
where the following information is available:
1) Aftershock Distribution and the Mainshock Fault Plane by MJHD method by
Dr. Hurukawa
2) Tsunami Simulation by Dr. Fujii
3) Determination of earthquake magnitudes using duration of high-frequency
energy radiation and maximum displacement amplitudes by Dr. Hara
4) Past Damaging Earthquakes in Chile
5) Chile in "Information Network on Earthquake Disaster Prevention
6) Catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World (Through 2008)

Please visit

We'd like to ask you, especially ex-participants in Chile, to send us
information on this disastrous earthquake to share it.

Director, IISEE


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