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IISEE Newsletter No.66 (issued on March 25, 2011)


  1. Dear Ex-Participants of IISEE and Newsletter members


[1] Dear Ex-Participants of IISEE and Newsletter members

I thank you very much for your encouraging messages. IISEE has received more than 100 e-mails from mailing members after the Tohoku (Sendai) Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011. All staff of IISEE now involve in data collection and research on the disaster. Participants in Seismology, Earthquake engineering and Tsunami courses are all fine. IISEE will continue to share the information /data through our special web-site;


In addition, Professor Koshimura of the Tohoku University presents the photos;


Although the daily life in Tsukuba and Tokyo becomes normal conditions, we hope that everything

will be recovered as early as possible. Since those who are affected by the tsunami and earthquake

related disaster face many difficulties, IISEE now tries to do our best to avoid such a huge disaster in

the future. It will be very much appreciated to have your strong and continuous supports to IISEE.

With best regards,


Shoichi Ando, Dr. Eng.

Director, IISEE, BRI, Tsukuba, JAPAN


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