International Symposium

International Symposium on
Sustainable Reconstruction from Super Earthquake Disasters(pdf)

February 21, 2012:

  • 1st Session(pdf) 13:00~15:20

13:00 Opening
    Hiroshi Ito, Deputy Chief Executive, Building Research Institute (BRI)
    Shigeru Morichi, Director, Policy Research Center, GRIPS

13:10 Keynote Speech: Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Professor Takashi Onishi, The University of Tokyo and Presidency at Science Council of Japan(pdf)

13:55 Explanatory introduction
    Dr. Tatsuo Narafu, Senior Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)(pdf)

14:10 Presentations on recent super earthquake disasters in the world
    -Haiti Earthquake 2010
        Mr. Fritz Auplan, Engineer, Haiti Technical Office of Building Rating Direction of Public Works, Ministry of Public Works, Transportation, and Communication, Haiti(pdf)

    -Wenchuan Earthquake 2008
        Mr. Wang Zhenyao, Dean, Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University & One Foundation, China(pdf)

    -Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami 2004
        Mr. Bambang Sudiantmo, Head, Water Supply & Sanitation Training Centre, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia(pdf)

15:10 Overview and features on each earthquake
    Dr. Nobuo Hurukawa, Research Coordinator of Building Technology, BRI(pdf)

  • 2nd Session(pdf) 15:40-17:20

15:40 Panel Discussion
     1.Issus on reconstruction and disaster mitigation
         Dr. Shoichi Ando, Director of IISEE, BRI(pdf)

     2.Presentations from Panelists
         -Reconstruction Realities: In the context of Kashmir Earthquake 2005
                 Ms. Gazala Naeem, Architect/ DRM Practitioner, Pakistan(pdf)

         -Integrating Gender and Social Inclusion in Disaster Reconstruction
                 Professor Keiko Ikeda , Shizuoka University, Japan(pdf)

         -Safer building and urban development
                 Dr. Hiroshi Fukuyama, Chief Research Engineer, BRI(pdf)

         -Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction at the Recovery and Reconstruction of Disasters
                  Jerry Velasquez, Senior Regional Coordinator, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction for Asia & the Pacific, UNISDR-AP(pdf)


    4.Questions and answers

17:15 Closing

    Professor Kenji Okazaki, GRIPS