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Netai Chandra Dey Sarker
Supervisor: Yushiro FUJII
Country: Bangladesh
The study was aimed to assess tsunami hazard on the Bangladesh coast, particularly to estimate tsunami heights as well as tsunami arrival times considering three tsunami source models. The 2004 Sumatra earthquake (Mw 9.1) source and several scenario earthquakes with Mw 8.0 and Mw 8.5 were considered along the pre-assumed trench. For Sumatra case fault parameters were used similarly to a very recent study. For scenario earthquakes with Mw 8.0 and Mw 8.5, 10 (Case1 – Case10) and 6 (Case01 – Case06) tsunami sources were considered, respectively, where tsunami source parameters for a rectangular fault model and slip amount were estimated for each case using scaling laws. It was found for the 2004 Sumatra case that tsunami arrived first after the earthquake within 2.2 hours with the maximum height of 31 cm at St. Martin Island. For scenario earthquakes, case9 and case05 where sources exist nearby the coast of Cox’sbazar were identified as the most severe cases with Mw 8.0 and Mw 8.5, respectively. Tsunami arrived within several tens of minutes after the earthquake with the maximum height of 110 cm and 184 cm for the case9 and case05, respectively, at the coast of Cox’sbazar. Case8-case10 of scenario earthquakes with Mw 8.0 and case05-case06 of scenario earthquakes with Mw 8.5 may appear as threat to local tsunami at Meghna estuarine-Chittagong-Cox’sbazar cost of Bangladesh in future.
Citation: Bulletin of IISEE, 42, 121-126.