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Seismic Damage Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures based on the Energy Balance Method

Supervisor: Takashi HASEGAWA
Country: Costa Rica
The Energy Balance Method is presented and applied to the analysis of reinforced concrete structures; the seismic demand is represented by the damage input energy which is directly related to the Pseudo-velocity spectrum found in many of the current seismic codes, several factors that influence the distribution of the energy in the structure, such as the damage concentration factor and the relationship between ductility and cumulative plastic deformation, are studied in more depth, finally illustrative examples of moment resisting frames and frames with hysteretic dampers analyzed by the Energy Balance Method are presented; these examples show good agreement of the results when compared to other analysis methods that are widely adopted in many seismic codes such as the Capacity Spectrum Method and the Nonlinear Time History Analysis.
Citation: Bulletin of IISEE, 42, 67-72.