Abstract Database


Sugeng Pribadi
Supervisor: Yushiro FUJII, Yohei HASEGAWA, Yosuke IGARASHI
Country: Indonesia
The purpose of this study is to create a prototype of tsunami database for tsunami warning system. Firstly we fix the locations of forecast and coastal points along the coast of Padang, Muarabunga and Bengkulu. We also set the source points covering the deformation area of the 1833 Bengkulu, Sumatra earthquake (Mw 8.9) as the real case. The number of source points is 33 with 4 magnitudes (Mw 8.5, 8.0, 7.5 and 7.0) and 2 depths (0 and 10 km) for each source point. The total number of computation is 231 for the source points and 1 for the real case. We calculate a seafloor deformation due to the fault, which is assumed as initial condition of tsunami source. For tsunami simulation, TUNAMI-N2 (Tohuku University’s Numerical Analysis Model for Investigation of Near-field Tsunami, No-2) and TTT (Tsunami Travel Time) are used to obtain the estimation of tsunami heights and arrival times, respectively for quantitative tsunami forecasting. The calculated tsunami heights by using Green’s Law show higher pattern than those at some coastal points and may give more realistic values for tsunami estimation. The computed results are stored in appropriate file system for tsunami database. When an earthquake occurs, the values will be retrieved by the interpolation of the data from the database for the information of tsunami warning. We have also made the message format which contains information of vulnerable coastal areas, predicted tsunami arrival times and tsunami heights.
Citation: Bulletin of IISEE, 42, 127-132.