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Tun Lin Kyaw
Supervisor: SHIBAZAKI, Bunichiro
Country: Myanmar
We determined P-wave moment magnitude Mwp introduced by Tsuboi for M 3-7 events. We compared Mwp obtained by this study with Mw of NIED CMT solutions. In the case where we use correction factor = 0.2 for radiation pattern, the calculated Mwp is slightly larger than Mw of NIED CMT solutions. This may be caused by the effect of the velocity structure which is not considered for calculating Mwp. We also determined the moment magnitude Moment Tensor Inversion using the program by Yagi. We assumed the same velocity structure as that used by NIED. Values of Mw obtained by this study are very similar to Mw obtained by NIED. We can conclude that the Yagi program can be used for the moment tensor determination for local events of M3-7. As to the events which are larger than M 7, the point source approximation can not be held. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the moment tensor using the program by Yagi for local events larger than M 7. However, for distant events larger than M 7, we could determine Mwp which are close to those of Harvard CMT solutions.
Citation: Bulletin of IISEE, 42, 13-18.