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Jenny Taira Higa
Supervisor: Shunsuke SUGANO, Taiki SAITO
Country: Peru

A new structural system consisting of reinforced concrete wall with electro-welded mesh is being used for the buildings construction in Peru. These walls have small thickness. The Peruvian standards for this wall-system were published in 2004 in order to restrict the use of the electro-welded mesh as main reinforcement. However many buildings have been built before that and electro-welded mesh was used as reinforcement for whole building.

In order to evaluate the behavior of this system, the test results of 7 isolated walls and 1-story wall-system house were used. This test results have been compared with analytical results in order to find out an adequate way for the analysis of this wall-system. In the isolated walls analysis, the cracking strength and ultimate strength were calculated to apply a tri-linear model to be used in the degrading tri-linear hysteresis model to compare it with the hysteretic curve of the isolated walls. The isolated wall analysis was applied in the analysis of 1-story wall-system house to evaluate its behavior and compare it with test results. In order to apply the proposed evaluation methods, a 2-story house wall system was analyzed to evaluate the seismic response by the displacement method using the degrading tri-linear hysteresis model.

It is expected to use this analysis to evaluate the behavior of existing and new buildings using the reinforced concrete wall-system with electro-welded-mesh.


Citation: Bulletin of IISEE, 44, 103-108.