Abstract Database


Kyaw Zayar Naing
Supervisor: Tatsuhiko Hara
Country: Myanmar

We analyzed two events which occurred on January 26, 2014 and November 27, 2015 in Myanmar to determine the focal mechanisms. We used waveform data from the National Earthquake Data Center (NEDC) database and those from stations in the epicentral distance range up to 13˚. First we performed analyses for the 2014 event using the data from the NEDC database. We used P polarity data measured from the vertical component seismograms to determine a focal mechanism. It was difficult to constrain focal mechanisms tightly. Then we used both the data from the NEDC database and waveform recorded in the distance up to 13˚. We obtained solutions consistent with the Global CMT moment tensor solution using both P polarity and P/S amplitude ratios. For the 2015 event, we used data from the NEDC database and regional stations. It was difficult to determine a focal mechanism due to poor coverage of the data for the focal sphere. Data from newly proposed stations will be helpful for the determination of focal mechanisms for local events in Myanmar.


Keywords: Myanmar, Hypocenter and Focal Mechanism solutions.