Catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World (Through 2002)

Overall issues

I started making this catalog around 1986, only for the purpose of having a memorandum of destructive earthquakes in the world for my personal use, and I accumulated data little by little in my leisure hours while doing other jobs. The catalog is not a product on which I have spared enough time as a major project. Therefore, I have not actively communicated with researchers and authorities worldwide in related fields to obtain information, nor have I conducted research myself to prove the credibility of the contents of the literature. Instead, I occasionally collected information from the literature in my possession, literature in the Library of the Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo and from news reports, and wrote some of my findings on recording media.

In the early stage, 1 MB floppy diskettes were the only recording media usable at home, and I made a format and limited the number of earthquakes. This is why they hold an insufficient amount of information. I printed several copies of this information in 1989 and 1990 since I thought that it would be useful for study on earthquakes and disaster prevention. Revised editions that have been added to and modified can be searched on the Earthquake Research Institute website. Please be careful in using it because it is neither perfect nor elaborate.

Symbols placed above or below an English letter, such as accents and umlauts, are omitted from the catalog and in this description (text file) because none of them can be used.