Regulations for Seismic Design - World List 2016/2020

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Name "Norma Técnica para Diseño por Sismo" (Technical Standard for Seismic Design)
Year 1997
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Editorial Note

While we develop a new seismic code, professionals are using the 1997 seismic
regulations, which were introduced in 1994 following a presidential decree.

The described information is still valid for current seismic design. Some efforts have been made to update the seismic code. However, structural designers modify the assigned factor for each structural system (it depends on the experience of the designer).

El Salvador 1994 seismic code does not include a seismic evaluation procedure for existing structures, only for new constructions. Until this date, El Salvador doesn't have any code or regulation to conduct a seismic performance evaluation.

Base isolation and energy dissipation technologies will be soon introduced in the country and we don't have any regulation or guideline.