Regulations for Seismic Design - World List 2012/2016

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Name Algerian Earthquake Resistant Regulations «RP A 99»/Version 2003
Regles Parasismiques Algeriennes RPA99/Version 2003
Year 2003
Issued by Ministry of Housing and Urbanism
PDF file* 1_Algeria_Code.pdf (2003)
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About the edition The Algerian earthquake resistant regulations entitled "Régles Parasismiques Algériennes RPA 1999/Version 2003" have not been changed since 2008.
They are presently (2010-2011-21012) under revision, but the official version (RPA 2012)  will probably not be enforced before the end of 2012 or the first months of 2013.
Language They are not available in English
They are available in French
Distributed media They are available in printed document only
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