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Name INPRES-CIRSOC 103 Regulation - "Argentine Regulations for Earthquake Resistant Constructions" (Reglamento INPRES-CIRSOC 103 - Reglamento Argentino para  Construcciones Sismorresistentes)
Year 2005-2018
Issued by Research Center of National Safety Regulations for Civil Works
(Centro de Investigaci6n de los Reglamentos Nacionales
de Seguridad para las Obras Civiles - CIRSOC)
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Argentina Reglamento-103_Parte I.pdf
Argentina Reglamento-103_Parte II.pdf
Argentina Reglamento-103_Parte III.pdf
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About the edition

Part I- 2018- Constructions in General (PARTE I - 2018 - Construcciones en general) and Comments.

Part II -2005- Reinforced Concrete Constructions (PARTE II - 2005 - Construcciones de hormigón armado) and Comments.

Part III- 2018- Masonry Constructions (PARTE III - 2018 - Construcciones de mampostería)

Part IV-2005 – Steel Constructions (PARTE IV - 2005 - Construcciones de acero) and Comments.

Part V-2018- Welding of Seismorresistent Steel Structures (PARTE V - 2018 - Soldadura de estructuras de acero sismorresistentes)    

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