Regulations for Seismic Design - World List 2016

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PDF file* 57_USA_Code.pdf (2002)
* already offered for previous List or newly provided for current List
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Distributed media Here's the link which can be used to download the NEHRP document. (it's publicly available)
Free or charged By contrast, ASCE7 and the IBC must be purchased.
Editorial Note ASCE will publish a new version of ASCE 7 next year. It will reference updated standards from both AISC and ACI as well. IBC published a new version in 2015 that references the 2010 editions of these documents. The 2018 IBC will reference ASCE 7-16 and the other documents published next year. In looking at the IAEE website, it currently references the 2009 NEHRP Provisions. These won't be identical to the 2018 IBC, but pretty close. This did get published recently, so it is a useful reference, since it's publicly available. By contrast, ASCE7 and the IBC must be purchased.

* No information provided by the National Delegate in 2020