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Name Eurocode 8
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About the edition Design Provisions for Earthquake Resistance of Structures
ENV 1998-1-1 : 1994
 General ru1es - Seismic actions and general requirements for structures
ENV1998-1-2 : 1994
 General rules-General rules for buildings
ENV1998-1-3 : 1995
 General ru1es - Specific ru1es for various materials and elements
ENV1998-1-4 : 1996
 General rules - Strengthening and repair of buildings
ENV1998-2 : 1994
ENV1998-3 : 1996
 Towers, masts and chimneys
ENV1998-4 : 1998
 Silos, tanks and pipelines
ENV1998-5 : 1994
 Foundations, retaining Structures and geotechnical aspects
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Editorial Note According to the information provided by the Secretariat in 2003, the codes had been under revision works. "European standards are covered by authors rights, and the CEN member bodies have the right of sale of these standards. Thus, only extracts of Eurocode 8 are herein reproduced. The complete documents are available for sale from the National Standards Bodies which are members of CEN - European Committee for Standardization".

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