3. Empirical formula for estimating the envelope of waveform


Several empirical formulas to estimate the envelope of earthquake waveform are proposed. Many of them are used to make the simulated seismic waves which are used in building design. Following four papers are shown in this page.


1) Midorikawa, S., 1989, Synthesis of Ground Acceleration of Large Earthquake Using Acceleration Envelope Waveform of Small Earthquake, Journal of Struct. Construct. Eng. (Transactions of AIJ), No. 398, 23-30 (in Japanese).

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4) Sato, T., S. Kataoka, K. Tamura and T. Okumura, 2001, Study on acceleration response spectrum and seismic wave envelope model based on the K-net strong motion records, Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 397-400 (in Japanese).