Guideline for Damage Survey Methods of Earthquake Disaster Related with Buildings and Houses

Table of Contents

Cover and Table of Contents (16KB)
1. Introduction (5KB)
1.1. Objectives
1.1.1. Guideline for the survey methods
1.1.2. Data and materials on that the guideline is based
1.2. Guideline for the Survey Methods
2. Earthquake and Ground Motion (13,248KB)
2.1. Consideration on the interface of seismological topics to building damages
2.2. Earthquake Source
2.2.1. Hypocenter location and magnitude
2.2.2. Focal mechanism
2.2.3. Crustal deformation
2.2.4. Rupture process
2.3. Propagation Path
2.3.1. Crust
2.3.2. Deep sediment
2.4. Seismic Motion
2.4.1. Intensity
2.4.2. Estimation of devastating ground motion
2.4.3. Site effect
3. Earthquake Engineering
3.1. Evaluation of Ground Damage (166KB)
3.1.1. Damage investigation flow chart
3.1.2. Quick inspection
3.1.3. Damage classification
3.2. Evaluation on Building Damage (84,225KB)
3.2.1. First announcement of building damage
3.2.2. Quick inspection of damaged buildings
3.2.3. Damage classification
3.2.4. Damage survey in a typical area
3.2.5. Damage overview in damaged areas
3.3. Evaluation of Building Foundation Damage (480KB)
3.3.1. Damage investigation flow chart
3.3.2. Investigation method