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Revised Guideline for Non-engineered Construction


The first edition of the guideline for non-engineered construction was published by the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE) in 1986. It consisted in a revised and amplified version of the original document, gBasic Concepts of Seismic Codes, Vol. 1, Part II, Non-Engineered Constructionh, published also by IAEE in 1980.

The revision resulted from the work of ad-hoc committee, integrated by Anand S. Arya, Chairman (India), Teddy Boen (Indonesia), Yuji Ishiyama (Japan), A. I. Martemianov (USSR), Roberto Meli (Mexico), Charles Scawthorn (USA), Julio N. Vargas (Peru) and Ye Yaoxian (China). published in October 1986. The three authors met in 2008 again and initiated the revision of the guideline under the cooperation of many institutes including IISEE/BRI currently.

The attached revised guideline has been prepared in June 2013 by utilizing the financial support from UNESCO IPRED (International Platform for Reducing Earthquake Disasters) programme.

If you have any comments to this revised Guideline, IISEE will transfer your valuable idea to the authors since Prof. Ishiyama has been a senior researcher of BRI / IISEE many years.

Email address: iisee@kenken.go.jp

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