International Symposium

June 27, 2012

International Memorial Symposium
Protecting Lives from Earthquake and Tsunami Disasters

10:00 Opening Ceremony (summary)

    -Opening and Welcome Remarks
 Yuzo Sakamoto, Chief Executive, BRI
      Keiichi Tsunekawa, Vice President, GRIPS

    -Guest Speech
      Toshiyuki Inoue, Deputy Director-General, Housing Bureau, MLIT

10:20 >>> Keynote Lecture 1 "Future of Seismology"(pdf)
      Kazuo Oike, Director, International Institute for Advanced Studies/ Former President of Kyoto University

11:10 >>> Keynote Lecture 2 "UNESCO's roles and strategies for reducing earthquake and tsunami disasters"(pdf)
      Badaoui Rouhban, Director, Unit for Natural Disasters, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO

====================================== [ 12:00 - 13:15 Lunch ] ======================================

13:15 >>> Lectures "Protecting Lives: Lessons learned and Future prospects" [ 25 min. each ] (summary)

    --"Views for the post-2015: achievements and challenges in the field of disaster risk reduction"(pdf)
      Sálvano Briceño, Chair, Science Committee, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk/ Former Director of UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

    --"Long-Period Ground Motion as a New Urban Threat"(pdf)
      Kazuki Koketsu, Professor, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo

    -- "Dissemination strategy of the standard on earthquake engineering design to support a better earthquake disaster mitigation in Indonesia"(pdf)
      Anita Firmanti, Director of Research Institute for Human Settlement (RIHS), Indonesia

    --"Structural Design Requirement on the Tsunami Evacuation Buildings"(pdf)
      Hiroshi Fukuyama, Director, Department of Structural Engineering,BRI

    --"The importance of collaboration for complementary research in the field of earthquake engineering-An example SAFECAST project in Europe"(pdf)
      Faruk Karadoğan, Professor & Former Rector, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey

===================================== [ 15:20 - 15:40 Break ] =====================================

 15:40 >>> Panel Discussion "International Cooperation on Earthquake Disaster Management to Protect Lives" [ 75 min. ] (summary)

     [UNESCO] Badaoui Rouhban, Director, Unit for Natural Disasters, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO

     [Chile] Raul Alvarez, Professor, Universidad Catolica de Chile(pdf)
     [Egypt] Salah Mahmoud, Head, Department of Geodynamics, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG)(pdf)
     [Peru] Carlos Zavala, Director, Japan-Peru Center for Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Mitigation (CISMID)(pdf)
     [Romania] Radu Vacareanu, Vice-Rector, Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (UTCB)(pdf)
     [Japan] Kenji Okazaki, Professor of GRIPS(pdf)

 16:55 >>> Closing Remarks (summary)
    --Closing Remarks
      Isao Nishiyama, Deputy Chief Executive, BRI