IISEE Seminar

IISEE Seminar schedule/record

A table of lecturer & presentation

Date Time Lecturer Affiliation Title
2023/2/6 15:30-16:45 Dr. Mitsuyuki Hoshiba Meteorological Res. Inst., JMA, Japan Fifteen years’ experience of nationwide earthquake early warning in
2023/1/20 8:50-10:00 Dr. Fumihiko Imamura International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University Lessons learnt from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami for Resilient society - Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
2022/2/4 17:00-18:00 Dr. Takumi Hayashida BRI A new Vs30 estimation method with microtremor array data
2022/1/5 16:00-18:00 Dr. Abdelkrim BOURZAM Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria Masonry for Seismic Area
2021/12/28 14:30-16:30 Dr. Matsutaro Seki BRI The New Seismic Evaluation Method of Existing RC Buildings Combining Japanese and U.S. Evaluation Standards
2021/12/20 10:00-11:00 Dr. Kenji Satake Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo Ten Years from Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
2021/4/26 15:00-17:00 Dr. Hiroshi Fukuyama Vice President, BRI Our Earthquake Engineering - Walk together towards everyone’s smiles - 
2021/3/12 9:30-12:00 Dr. Tatsuya Azuhata, Dr. Md. Shaiul ISLAM BRI, Tohoku University Information Exhange on Current Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Measures
2021/2/3 15:00-16:00 Dr. Yuji Yagi University of Tsukuba High-Degree-of-Freedom Finite-Fault Inversion Method
2020/12/15 10:00-11:00 Dr. Yuichiro Tanioka Hokkaido University Recent Researches on Tsunami Forecasting Technology
2020/2/19 13:00-16:00 Dr. Matsutaro Seki, Dr. Tatsuya Azuhata, Mr. Prakirna Tuladhar BRI Failure Mechanism and Non-linear Seismic Performance Evaluation of Buildings
2020/1/30 16:00-17:00 Dr. Aitaro Kato Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo (ERI) Multiscale complexity in a young fault system revealed by hyperdense seismic network
2019/9/9 15:00-17:00 Dr. Islam Md Shafiul Tohoku University Study on “Rapid Seismic Evaluation Method and Strategy for Seismic Improvement of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Developing Countries
2019/6/4 11:00-11:45 Dr. Taka'aki TAIRA Berkeley
Laboratory (BSL),
University of
California Berkeley
Temporal variations of seismic velocity and azimuthal anisotropy in near-surface rock and soil at KiK-net downhole array sites
2019/5/31 10:00-12:00,
University of
California, San
Reproducing earthquakes in the laboratory: rocks, ruptures, AEs, melting, sliding, energy balance
Deciphering transformation-induced earthquakes from the lab to the field and from slabs to atoms
Scaling fossil earthquakes from the lab to the field
Could the extreme softening of olivine due to the α→ω martensitic transformation explain the
lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary?
2019/1/31 09:10-10:00 Dr. Fumihiko Imamura International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University Sulawesi earthquake induced and Sunda Strait volcanic tsunamis in 2018
2019/1/7 13:00-15:00 Dr. Matsutaro Seki BRI Harmonization of Japanese Seismic Evaluation and USA’s Seismic Evaluation and Design for Existing RC Buildings