Training Outline [Annual Training Courses]

Annual Training Courses

Seismology Course

This course aims to provide advanced knowledge and technology concerning earthquakes and seismic hazards to trainees who are invited from the organizations responsible for seismic observation and earthquake disaster mitigation in their respective countries. It is also designed to help trainees utilize this knowledge and technology for seismic hazard/risk evaluation and earthquake disaster mitigation policy-making in their native countries. The IISEE incorporates fast-evolving seismological knowledge and seismic observation technology into programs without delay, and is willing to provide not only classroom instruction but also practical training and study tours, as well as participation in international conferences.

Visit to the Nojima Fault Preservation Museum

A scene of 2nd colloquium

Earthquake Engineering Course

This course provides training to participants who mainly consist of young researchers, engineers and administrative persons from government agencies and universities in their respective countries. Their training is geared towards contributing to the reduction of structural damage caused by earthquakes that can result in human suffering in developing countries. The curriculum comprises basic earthquake engineering studies, covering topics such as structural analysis and structural dynamics; various earthquake resistant structures for reinforced concrete construction, and steel structures; the latest technology, such as seismic isolation and response control technique and seismic limit state design. All of these are systematically provided through lectures, practical training and study tours, enabling trainees to solve problems in their native countries.

Fracture experiment performed for participants

Visit to the Daiwa House

Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Course

The tsunami disaster mitigation course began in 2006. The gigantic tsunami that was generated by a major earthquake off Sumatran in 2004 wreaked havoc on the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. To mitigate such tsunami disasters, it is necessary to take disaster mitigation measures based on the latest information regarding earthquakes and tsunamis. This course provides advanced education and technology for dealing with earthquakes and tsunamis, with the aim of training specialists who can apply and disseminate their acquired knowledge and techniques for tsunami disaster mitigation and introduce tsunami hazard evaluation and early-warning systems in their native countries. The initial target countries were coastal nations around the Indian Ocean, but since 2009 the scope of the course has been expanded to include countries around the Pacific Ocean.