Training Outline [IISEE graduants who go on to play important roles in various fields in their native countries]

IISEE graduants who go on to play important roles in various fields in their native countries

Researchers who have been sent to the IISEE by their governments, national research institutes and universities from various countries contribute to the mitigation of earthquake disasters in their native countries after completing their training. Some IISEE graduates have become ministers, institution directors, or university rectors, and many actively participate as leaders in the fields of seismology and earthquake engineering. Following are some examples: Dr. Harsh Gupta of India (1966-67 Seismological Course) held the post of Secretary to the Government of India for the Department of Oceanic Development, the Director of the Indian National Geophysical Research Institute, and he was the first Chairman of the Asian Seismological Society. At the end of 2008, he received a Waldo E. Smith medal from the American Geophysical Union. Dr. Djoko Santoso 氏of Indonesia (1978-79 Seismological Course) is the current rector of The Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. Many researchers have come to Japan from the National Research Institute of Astronomy & Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt. Dr. Rashad Kebeasy (1965-66 Seismological Course) is the former President of the NRIAG and was also Head of the International Data Center in Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). Dr. Salah Mohamed (1982-83 Seismological Course) is the current President of the NRIAG in Egypt. The largest number of researchers has come from Peru, with 107 participants to date. Dr. Julio Kuroiwa (1961-62 Earthquake Engineering Course) is a leader in the field of earthquake engineering in his country. He appeared on television as a commentator every day during the Peru Pisco earthquake in 2007. Dr. Robert Morales (1970-71 Earthquake Engineering Course) was the rector of the National University of Engineering in Peru until 2008. Dr. Federico David Guendel Umana (1975-76 Seismological Course) from Costa Rica is now the Head of the International Monitoring System (IMS) in the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the CTBTO.

Dr. Gupta at a alumni meeting held during a meeting of the Asian Seismological Society

Mr. Kuroiwa on television (courtesy by the United Nations Center for Regional Development)