Training Outline [Latin American Earthquake Engineering Course]

Latin American Earthquake Engineering Course

In Latin America, one of the earthquake prone region, many corruptions of buildings have caused severe damages repeatedly because of a delay in dissemination of earthquake resistant structural technology. Building Research Institute of Japan(BRI) has been collaborating on JICA's technical cooperation projects in the field of earthquake engineering in Mexico, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and other countries. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese ODA (Official Development Assistance) budget policy changed to put more emphasis on capacity building rather than conventional technical cooperation projects in Latin American countries. Considering these circumstances and their mother tongue, IISEE/BRI proposed JICA a new short-period training course on earthquake engineering which be conducted in Spanish, and JICA approved it. In 2014 the course "Enhancement and Dissemination of Earthquake-resistant Technology for Buildings in Latin American Countries" started, and participants from many countries in Latin America have come to attend the course since then. Last two weeks of the training is conducted in University of El Salvador, Central American University and other facilities in El Salvador.

About the course(Japanese text only)

Opening Ceremony in 2019

Training in El Salvador