IISEE Newsletter No.127 issued on Nov 30, 2015


  • Tohoku Study Trip
  • Microtremor Survey in and around Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Letter from Ex-Participant
  • Snapshots of Tohoku Study Trip

IISEE Newsletter No.126 issued on Oct 30, 2015


  • IISEE Welcomes 21 Participants from 11 Countries
  • Visit to Edo-Tokyo Museum and Honjo Life Safety Learning Center
  • New Participants

IISEE Newsletter No.125 issued on Sep 30, 2015


  • 23 Participants Completed the 55th One-Year Training Course
  • Courtesy Call on the MLIT Minister
  • GRIPS Graduation Ceremony
  • Address in Reply on Behalf of All the Participants

IISEE Newsletter No.124 issued on Aug 31, 2015


  • Closing Ceremony of 2nd Latin American Earthquake Enigneering Course
  • Structural Experiments in El Salvador
  • Letter from Ex-Participant

IISEE Newsletter No.123 issued on Jul 30, 2015


  • The 26th IUGG General Assembly and IISEE Alumni Meeting
  • Study Trip to Nepal
  • Latin American E. E. Course – Action Plans, GM & Friendship Party -