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International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (IISEE) invites engineers and researchers from earthquake prone developing countries, provides training on seismology, earthquake engineering, and Tsunami. The IISEE-UNESCO Public Lecture Notes Project for training will post the training materials used in the IISEE training courses on the website. It ultimately aims to help mitigate earthquake disasters in developing countries by disseminating information on the IISEE training courses and making the lecture contents available.



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How it works

IISEE-UNESCO Lecture Notes Archive provides online service for all users on the Internet. After IISEE administrators and lecturers release their course syllabuses, lectures or other materials, you can browse and download them freely.



1.  Courses with (♦) in the Course View
You can log in the system and download the files without registrations.

2.  Courses with (∗) in the Course View
You can view only the table of contents. IISEE will send you the lecture note file upon request via e-mail. Click here for details.


View all courses

1.    Click the “VIEW ALL COURSES” link located on the left of the menu page. The following view of all current public courses will appear.

2.    Click the “Course title” you wish to view. Then page of course overview will open.


Find courses

1.    Click the “FIND COURSES” link located on the left of the menu page. You will go to the search screen as follows. Enter some keywords that are relative to the subject matter you are searching.

Note: the system supports AND/OR searching condition. “With all of the words” means AND condition, while “With at least of the words” means OR condition.

2.    To perform the search using the advanced search form, Click the “more” link.

In this window, you can find the target courses according to the title, author, description, syllabus or lecture notes.

3.    For example, “computer” as keyword to seek the title, you will get the searching result like the following figure.

4.    Clicking the words with underline, you can open the homepage about the target course. Also you can sort the search result by “Date”, “Id”, “Title” or “Summary”.



Please read the guideline carefully before your registration. Click the line “GUIDELINE” located on the left menu page to know in detail.


Quick search

Quick search box is on the right side of the top menu. You can do quick search for seeking the target courses or PDF files as follows.

Click “Advanced Search” to go to advanced search page. Refer to the “Find Courses” section


Advanced search

1.    Please refer to the section “Find courses” or “Quick search”.


Course overview

1.    After you open a certain course, you will see the following course overview screen. (Course description, lecturer, course days, syllabus and so on.)

2.    At the same time, the following view appears in the left-pane as follows.


Course syllabus

1.    When the current focus is on the “Course Home” link, you can click “Syllabus” to only display the content of syllabus as follows.


Course lecture notes

1.    As like as introduction of “Course syllabus”, please click the “Lecture Notes” link to open the lecture note page.

Note: You can view only the table of contents of the lecture notes with (∗). IISEE will send you the lecture note file upon request via e-mail. Click here for details.



We appreciate your attention to IISEE-UNESCO Lecture Notes Archive System. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions when using this site, please don't hesitate to drop your message. Thank you!