Earthquake Engineering Course

Fracture experimenti
performed for participants

This course provides training to participants who mainly consist of young researchers, engineers and administrative persons from government agencies and universities in their respective countries. Their training is geared towards contributing to the reduction of structural damage caused by earthquakes that can result in human suffering in developing countries. The curriculum comprises basic earthquake engineering studies, covering topics such as structural analysis and structural dynamics; various earthquake resistant structures for reinforced concrete construction, and steel structures; the latest technology, such as seismic isolation and response control technique and seismic limit state design. All of these are systematically provided through lectures, practical training and study tours, enabling trainees to solve problems in their native countries.

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Course ID# Course Title Days Lecturer Updated Notes
E0-070-2007 Finite Element Method: (A) Introduction 3 Taiki SAITO, Toshihi... 2013-03-12
E0-130-2007 Structural Dynamics: (A) Introduction and Vibration Analysis 5 Izuru OKAWA (BRI), K... 2011-06-27
E0-190-2008 Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction 2 Kenji MIURA (Hiroshi... 2011-06-27
E1-030-2007 RC Structures III: Topic of the Recent Research on RC Structure 1 Masaomi TESHIGAWARA ... 2011-07-06
E1-060-2009 Shaking Table Testing 1 Toshihide KASHIMA (I... 2011-06-06
E1-140-2009(1) Earthquake Resistant Limit State Design I, II 3 Isao NISHIYAMA (BRI)... 2010-05-25
E1-140-2009(2) Earthquake Resistant Limit State Design I, II 3 Hiroshi AKIYAMA (Nih... 2010-05-25
E1-160-2011 Seismic Isolation 2 Masanori IIBA (BRI) ... 2012-08-30
E1-180-2011 Design Earthquake Ground Motion and Seismic Force Ⅰ Ⅱ 2 Yuji ISHIYAMA (NewsT... 2012-03-01
E1-190-2010 Structural Reliability 2 Jun KANDA (Universit... 2011-06-28
E1-200-2008 Structural Response Control 1 Satsuya SODA (Waseda... 2009-04-30
E1-230-2009 Strong Earthquake Motion Observation I, II 2 Toshihide KASHIMA (I... 2011-06-06
E1-240-2014 Foundation Engineering II: Introduction to Building Foundations 1 Songtao XUE (Tohoku ... 2014-02-06