Structural Reliability

Course Description

Introduction to reliability concept. Probability of failure as a measure for the safety degree. Extreme value distributions as probability model for load intensity. Load and resistance factor format based on the second moment reliability. Target safety degree due to the optimum reliability.


Jun KANDA (University of Tokyo)


2 day(s)


(1) Probabilistic Concept
1) Fundamentals
2) Useful probability distributions
3) Probability of failure
(2) Annual Maximum Load Event
1) Return period
2) Extreme value distribution
3) Annual maxima and lifetime maxima
4) Typical Statistics for loads
(3) Probabilistic Earthquake Load Model
1) Seismic hazard estimation
2) Earthquake load model
3) Future research needs
(4) FOSM Reliability
1) Basic theory
2) Advanced FOSM
3) Numerical examples
(5) Limit State Design
1) LRFD formulation
2) Numerical examples
(6) Optimum Reliability Concept
1) Engineer's role
2) Formulation
3) Design examples

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