Seismology Course

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This course aims to provide advanced knowledge and technology concerning earthquakes and seismic hazards to trainees who are invited from the organizations responsible for seismic observation and earthquake disaster mitigation in their respective countries. It is also designed to help trainees utilize this knowledge and technology for seismic hazard/risk evaluation and earthquake disaster mitigation policy-making in their native countries. The IISEE incorporates fast-evolving seismological knowledge and seismic observation technology into programs without delay, and is willing to provide not only classroom instruction but also practical training and study tours, as well as participation in international conferences.

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Course ID# Course Title Days Lecturer Updated Notes
S0-020-2015(1) Overview of Earthquake and Disasters 1 Takumi HAYASHIDA 2016-12-20
S0-030-2007 Computer I 4 Tatsuhiko HARA (IISE... 2011-05-20
S0-030-2010 Computer 6 Tatsuhiko HARA (IISE... 2015-06-09
S0-030-2015 Computer 9 Takumi HAYASHIDA, Yu... 2015-12-22
S0-040-2007 Computer II 3 Yushiro FUJII (IISEE... 2009-03-11
S0-050-2007 Mathematics for Seismology I 4 Bunichiro SHIBAZAKI ... 2009-04-15
S0-070-2007 Mathematics for Seismology III 3 Nozomu TAKEUCHI 2009-01-01
S0-090-2009 Data Processing 4 Toshiaki YOKOI (IISE... 2011-06-06
S0-100-2010 Theory of Seismic Waves 7 Nozomu TAKEUCHI ,Tak... 2011-10-07
S0-120-2009 Surface Waves 1 Kiyoshi YOMOGIDA (Gr... 2011-06-27
S0-130-2009 Scattering and Attenuation 1 Kiyoshi YOMOGIDA (Gr... 2011-06-27
S0-140-2007 Numerical Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation 2 Hiroshi TAKENAKA (Fa... 2009-04-28
S0-150-2007 Earthquake Observation I 3 Toshiaki YOKOI (IISE... 2011-06-06
S0-170-2007 Local Earthquake Analysis 4 Nobuo HURUKAWA (IISE... 2011-06-20
S0-190-2011 Seismic Tomography 1 Dapeng Zhao (Tohoku ... 2012-04-12
S0-210-2007 Observatory Practice 2 Kenji Kanjo, Kuninor... 2011-06-27
S0-220-2011 Crust and Upper Mantle Structure 2 Takaya IWASAKI (Eart... 2012-04-11
S0-250-2013 Moment Tensor Analysis 2 Yuji YAGI 2015-03-17
S0-260-2012 Crustal Deformation 2 Takeshi SAGIYA 2014-03-11
S0-270-2009 Earthquake Source Process 3 Keiko KUGE (Graduate... 2010-06-14
S1-090-2012 Seismic Micro-Zonation (Remote Sensing Technology) 1 Masashi MATSUOKA 2014-03-11
S1-100-2010 Strong Ground Motion Study II (Strong Motion Seismology) 2 Kojiro IRIKURA (Aich... 2011-06-27
S1-320-2014 Microtremor Observation II 1 Takumi HAYASHIDA, Hi... 2015-12-22