Earthquake Observation I

Course Description

Basic theory of electro-magnetic seismometer is explained. A method for calibration of conventional type of short period seismometer is presented. Practical training for the calibration is also planned.

This requires the knowledge of Fourier Transform and Differential Calculus that is explained in the class of "Mathematics for Seismology". The planned practices require the programming technique (beginner's level) with FORTRAN language which will be explained in the class of "Computer".


Toshiaki YOKOI (IISEE)


3 day(s)


(1) Basic theory of electro-magnetic seismometer.

(2) Basic theory of Calibration of seismometer.

(3) Practice on the calibration by using impulse response (Experiment).

* Examination will be requested and evaluated for IISEE Diploma.

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded.